Graduate Studies


Graduate study options are available within all Purdue Polytechnic Institute disciplines. The college also provides a Ph.D. degree that allows students to focus in any of our academic departments.

Graduates become leaders in business and industry and many pursue entrepreneurial and consulting opportunities. Graduate alumni are employed by some of the top Fortune 500 companies, including Arthur Andersen, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Delco Electronics, Symbol Technologies, Eli Lilly, and Northern Telecom.

Preparing future faculty is also a mission of the Purdue Polytechnic graduate program. Among the postsecondary institutions with graduate alumni are Tennessee Technological University, East Tennessee State University, The University of Houston, Georgia Southern University, Ohio State University, Western Illinois University, Bemidji State University, Ferris State University, Eastern Michigan University, and Purdue University.

Polytechnic School and Departmental Graduate Chairs and Administrative Assistants

Polytechnic School or Department Graduate Chairs Administrative Assistants

School of Aviation Technology and Transportation

Mary Johnson
Karla Calvin

School of Construction Management Technology

Emad Elwakil

Randy Rapp

Brenda Sheets
Computer Graphics Technology

Nicoletta Adamo

Jorge Dorribo Camba 

Chasity Kuxhausen
Computer and Information Technology

John Springer

Julia Rayz

Kari Ludwig
School of Engineering Technology Duane D. Dunlap
Niedra McLeland
Purdue Online – Polytechnic Institute John Fassnacht  
Technology Leadership and Innovation Todd Kelley
Stephanie Schmidt


Ph.D. Assistantship Program