Statewide Locations

Map of Indiana with College of Technology locations highlighted.The Purdue Polytechnic Institute, previously named the College of Technology, offers degrees in nine Indiana communities in addition to the main campus at West Lafayette. The degrees are designed to offer relevant knowledge, provide local impact, and foster lasting results.

The Statewide locations are a direct extension of the main campus. They offer:

  • Purdue technology degree programs with the same curriculum requirements as the programs on the West Lafayette campus
  • Classes taught by Purdue faculty or those approved by academic department heads
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for students
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Access to cutting-edge technology
  • Low tuition rates

Purdue worked with regional industry and workforce leaders to determine which degrees would serve the projected needs of the region.

Navigating the Statewide System

Each Purdue Polytechnic location has a non-Purdue host campus which offers non-Purdue courses for the offered degrees. These partnerships provide a richer experience for the student and a slightly different process for applying, registering and paying for college.


Check the "Admissions" section of each location for specific steps to take in the Purdue University admissions process.


Student services coordinators at each location provide enrollment services for admitted and current students.

Student Innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for students


Fees are charged per credit hour. Fees can vary by location, since the fee structure usually follows the structure of the host school at the location. Check with the specific location for exact fees.

Financial Aid

Financial aid information and applications are available at each Statewide location. All financial aid is handled through the West Lafayette Division of Financial Aid.

Counseling Services

Student counseling services are available at each Statewide location.