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The Purdue Polytechnic Institute, one of the 10 academic colleges of Purdue University, provides a unique array of high-demand technology disciplines for bachelor's, master’s and PhD degrees available on Purdue’s flagship campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, and at other locations throughout the state.

The Polytechnic’s faculty and staff encourage innovation, collaboration and creativity among diverse interdisciplinary groups in the persistent pursuit of big ideas and novel approaches.

Thanks to our generous alumni and engaged industry partners, Purdue Polytechnic continues the important steps of Purdue’s history, preparing our graduates for their successful futures.

Polytechnic History

History and Mission

Although not part of the vernacular at the time, the teaching of technology dates almost as far back as Purdue University’s founding in 1869, when classes in mechanical arts and sciences emphasized applied learning and engineering principles.

As the knowledge of technology and awareness of its importance grew, so did Purdue’s emphasis on to the curriculum. The University’s names for the department ranged from “Department of Practical Mechanics” in 1879 to “College of Technology” in 2005. Today, grade schoolers learn that the “T” in "STEM” represents “technology,” and Purdue Polytechnic remains dedicated to designing innovative technologies that solve the world’s grand challenges.


College Origins

Mission, Vision and Values

Dean's Council


Knoy Hall

College Units and Offices

The Polytechnic consists of six academic departments and is proud to be the college for Purdue’s Division of Military Science and Technology and its three Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) programs on campus.

We continue to be successful, thanks to the dozens of people in our business and administration offices who work to ensure a path to success for our students.


Business Office

Office of Advancement

Office of Assessment and Accreditation

Office of the Dean

Office of Globalization

Office of Marketing Communications

Office of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity

Office of Research

Our Unique Learning Environment

We see it every year: First-year Polytechnic students with a passion for high-tech products and concepts, taking their small steps onto the venerable Purdue campus to begin the next exciting chapter in their lives.

And we see our students transform along the way.

They turn their enthusiasm for building, making and learning into class projects.

They hone the soft skills they never knew they had – such as problem-solving abilities and communication skills – that make them indispensable to employers.

They develop a deeper understanding of cultural and global perspectives and their impact on business and industry.

They appreciate an expanded emphasis on the humanities and social sciences because doing so improves their critical thinking, creativity and logic.

They take pride as they prove their knowledge and maintain a portfolio of their work.

They get excited when they’re challenged to solve real-world problems for industry-sponsored projects.

About Purdue Polytechnic

Then, in what seems like the blink of an eye, our Polytechnic graduates take their own giant leaps into their futures that include exciting, technology-driven careers as leaders and innovators!

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The faculty, staff and students of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute strive to embrace the connection of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and thoughts as we develop an environment that helps each of us achieve our most creative and innovative ideas and solutions. We dedicate ourselves to the hard work that must be done to improve and expand our equitable and inclusive practices as we make the Polytechnic Institute a college where everyone feels welcomed and respected, and as we build a community where excellence and achievement are attainable by all.

Diversity in the Polytechnic

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