Office of the Dean

Dean Bertoline

I have used many adjectives to describe my experience as dean of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute – inspiring, challenging, rewarding, and lucky. Today, I think exciting and opportunity-filled describe it best.

It is exciting because we have embarked on a far-reaching transformation that touches every corner of the college: degree offerings and curricula, learning and teaching methods, learning spaces, the use of competencies, student assessments, use-inspired research, and industry engagement.

It is opportunity-filled not only because of enormous support from the Purdue University Board of Trustees, President Mitch Daniels and Provost Deba Dutta, but also because of the opportunities that the transformation will offer students, faculty, and employers. Through the lens of my 30-plus years in higher education, I view these opportunities to be unprecedented.

Details of the college’s transformation are shared throughout this website. In summary, we are:

  • offering students new programs that are more closely aligned with the needs of employers and communities, in a way that will give students more autonomy to pursue topics that interest them,
  • developing state-of-the-art, research-proven teaching methods and learning environments, while also enriching the faculty-to-student relationship to include mentorship, and
  • expanding faculty research and industry engagement to close gaps in the nation’s Technology Readiness Levels.

Additionally, our transformed student-centered learning environment will be integrated with humanities studies, innovation, and entrepreneurship. And, of course, we will continue to leverage and build upon the foundation that made us a pioneer in technology education long ago and that continues to be our hallmark today: learn by doing.

For the first 50 years of the college’s existence, faculty and staff worked successfully to lead the nation in engineering technology and computer technology disciplines. Our transformational efforts during the next few years will solidify our place as a technology education leader for the next 50 years. In doing so, we may very well forge a path for others in higher education.

I invite prospective and current students to learn more about the advantages of being enrolled in the Purdue Polytechnic where we put into practice our motto: “Students First in All We Do.” I thank our faculty, staff, alumni, and industry partners for actively engaging in and advancing all parts of our major initiative.

These are indeed exciting and opportunity-filled times in the Purdue Polytechnic, and I am honored to be a part of it.