Employers and Partners



The faculty and staff of Purdue Polytechnic are dedicated to meeting the business needs of our industry partners.
If you are looking for interns and employees with the latest technology skills, or need technical assistance from our students, let us know.


Research Partners

Let’s solve some problems! Our faculty, graduate research assistants and undergraduates use technology and innovative, use-inspired research to improve business, industry, education and society.

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Workforce Development

Make the most of your workforce! We collaborate with you to create learning opportunities so your employees can advance their responsibilities in your company.

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Capstone Projects

Is your company facing a technical challenge? Our students can turn that challenge into a capstone project – a final assignment in which student teams combine their knowledge to solve a real-world problem.

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Students as Employees

Put Polytechnic students to work for you! Polytechnic students are ready to put their enthusiasm and skills to work for you. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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Participate in the Polytechnic Career Fair

Career fairs are opportunities for you to display information about your business while meeting and speaking, one-on-one, with dozens of students who are studying for careers in your industry. While you’re here, you can network with other leaders in your industry. Join us for a career fair on the Purdue campus and shake some hands!

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Join our Office of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity in supporting student-focused initiatives that make a difference!

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Polytechnic Sponsorship