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Purdue Polytechnic offers 68 academic options in six subject areas at the main Purdue campus in West Lafayette. Explore today!





Indiana map showing locations of Purdue Polytechnic campuses You can study select Purdue Polytechnic majors in nine Indiana communities in addition to the main campus at West Lafayette.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

The unique Polytechnic learning environment combines 10 elements


Required internships expand student knowledge and skills, and prepare them for future employment.

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Competency credentialing

Polytechnic students demonstrate mastery of concepts and applied skills (known as competencies) while they enjoy flexibility to focus on their interests and learn at their own pace.

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Integrated humanities studies

The integration of technology studies with humanities and social science studies improves critical thinking, creativity, logic and innovation.

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Integrated learning-in-context curriculum

Students understand what they are learning and why, and they can apply the knowledge when it is needed.

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Team project-based learning

Team projects expose students to team dynamics, deadlines and problem-solving techniques, all aspects employees deal with in the workforce.

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Theory-based applied learning

Learning by doing is a powerful, proven approach that drives students to better understand and retain concepts. The college maximizes hands-on applications.

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Modernized lecture methods

Research-proven, state-of-the-art teaching methods known as active learning are different, fun, challenging and more effective.

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Global/cultural immersions

Purdue Polytechnic offers an enriched perspective through study abroad, international internships, and other global and cultural activities.

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Senior capstone projects

Real projects with real clients benefit students, companies and communities.

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Faculty-to-student mentorship

College students are more successful when someone takes special interest in their aspirations and progress.

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