Bradford Lang

Purdue has an excellent reputation within the airline industry. The aviation courses at Purdue introduce students to airline operations, which were both realistic and current in operational value.
Bradford Lang Alumni Profile
Professional Flight '85
Pilot (Captain 757 and 767) for Delta Airlines

Lang chose Purdue because of its top-notch aviation program, and he continued to be impressed because of its challenging curriculum and supportive faculty. He fondly remembers operating United Airlines DC-8 and American Airlines 727 simulators, which prepared him for the life of a pilot. Lang is especially appreciative of the support of Professor Charles Holleman, who he says always believed in him.

As a captain, Lang is responsible for the operation and safety of a flight from the time the aircraft leaves the gate until it reaches its final destination. Lang must ensure that all details of a flight have been properly planned and executed. It’s exhausting at times, but he is energized by Delta Air Lines’ commitment to making a positive change in the world, which he says makes all the effort worthwhile.

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2013.