Carl Zaderej

Carl Zaderej Alumni Profile
Industrial Technology and Industrial Distribution '14
Integrated Supply Chain Leadership Development program for Textron

Purdue has helped me become a problem solver and to think outside the box. It has also given me the skills and confidence needed to grow and complete nearly any task given to me. Gaining work experience through internships was instrumental to my education. I completed two internships with the Department of Defense at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). At NAVAIR, I worked in the Industrial Operations and Logistics Department. I worked on a large project involving next generation aircraft carriers, the F-35 Lightning II Program (also known as the Joint Strike Fighter Program) and Operation Tomodachi to support Japan in disaster relief after the 2011 earthquake. For my third internship, I worked for Morgan Advance Materials, an aerospace manufacturer. While there, I was a process engineer and worked with redesigning a large manufacturing facility.

Thanks go to:
I would like to thank my incredible family and friends and the entire TLI faculty and staff, especially;

Mathias Sutton, who is an absolute incredible teacher.
Kathy Newton for the great career advice, sponsoring me to go to various trade shows and helping me with receiving scholarships.
Chad Laux, who taught me all of the valuable information on Six Sigma and provided life advice.
Matthew Stephens and his terrific approach to teaching.
Stephen Elliott for being another great teacher.
Edie Schimdt for teaching me all that I would ever need to know about SAP and providing interview advice.
Jill Albrecht for all the positive encouragement.
Jennifer White for being a great help and great advisor.