Craig Schauss

Electrical Engineering Technology '83
President for Vetronix Research Corporation

Craig Schauss spent his first year out of college with Boeing Military Airplane Company. As a flight test engineer, he developed flight tests and procedures for the B-52 bomber. His career since then has continued to enhance the use of electronics in military vehicles. During a six-year tenure with General Dynamics Land Systems, he designed and developed the serial communication protocol and custom-integrated circuit implementation of the MIC Bus technology. He received a U.S. patent and several international patents for this technology, which is used in several U.S. military programs.

In 1990, he formed his own company, Vetronix Research Corporation. He is helping keep America safe as a supplier of “rugged electronics” to governmental and defense contractors. Vetronix provides strategic planning, forecasting, research and development to its clients. Vetronix components, including com- plete power management and data acquisition electronic systems, are incorporated into major weapons systems used by all branches of the U.S. military.

While he credits his high school electronics teacher with steering him toward the College of Technology at Purdue, he feels fortunate that several people in his life have been good role models. They demonstrated to him that his actions and choices would help him be successful.

Outside of work, Schauss enjoys spending time with his family, including following his children in sports and Scouts. Schauss resides in Hilton Head, S.C., with his wife, Krista. They have two children.

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2011.