Derrick Casson

Derrick Casson Alumni Profile
Computer and Information Technology '14
Systems support engineer for JP Morgan Chase

The Department of Computer and Information Technology is a very close-knit department, and all of the professors are there to help you succeed, which helped out a lot. The career fairs were really helpful in allowing me to get my name out there and shine the way I wanted to.

Thanks go to:

My parents, because without them and their support I would not be here. There were several times where I wanted to give up, but they encouraged me not to, to keep going, and assuring me there was a bright future ahead of me.  Hearing the words "I'm so proud of you" meant so much to me and made it all worth it. I owe this all to them.
Toni Munguia. She was there whenever I needed her, whether it was just a person to talk to or someone to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.