Diana Ephlin

Computer and Information Technology '83
Vice President, Human Resources, Global Manufacturing, and Quality, and Elanco Animal Health for Eli Lilly and Company

Purdue gave Ephlin everything she needed to succeed, including learning how to use and leverage computers in a business environment. She found the student-to-professor ratio in the College of Technology at Purdue to be advantageously low. She received very personal attention from her professors, which heightened her overall learning experience. As is the case today, exceptional teachers at Purdue kept the standards high and encouraged all students to excel and achieve.

Ephlin’s current position is not directly related to her Purdue field of study, but feels what she learned at Purdue is being put to use nonetheless. Though she’s not on the front lines of the technology that allows Eli Lilly and Company to be a world leader in the development of life- changing pharmaceuticals, her working closely with senior manufacturing leaders helps them fully understand the current and long-range plans for the company. She supports 23 manufacturing sites in 12 countries, serving over 8,500 employees.

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2013.