Diana McKenzie

Computer and Information Technology '86
Information Office for Eli Lilly and Company

Growing up with the influence of her parents and a big brother who she liked to imitate, along with having Purdue in her “backyard,” led Diana to pursue a computer technology (CPT) degree. “My parents insisted that we (my siblings and I) pursue technical degrees. When it was time for me to choose a major, my older brother, Don, was two years into the Purdue CPT program. And I had made it my goal while growing up to do just about everything he did from learning to ride a bike to drinking my first beer,” Diana says.

At Purdue, Diana enjoyed the camaraderie with- in the CPT program.“CPT class sizes were smaller than engineering and CS classes, and we behaved more like a small family, taking the opportunity to get to know our fellow students and professors.”

After graduation, Diana joined Eli Lilly as an associate with the Scientific Information Systems and Human Resources departments. Once she got her feet wet, Diana took a leader- ship role as a team leader providing guidance to teams ranging from 10 to 16 IT professionals.

In 1995, Diana's leadership role evolved into IT manager and two years later, she was named director for Global Information Technology, Strategy, Planning, and Architecture.

In her current position, Diana is accountable for the global delivery of information technology services at Eli Lilly. Outside her world of work, Diana is actively involved with her family and church in Pittsboro, IN and enjoys outdoor activity such as camping, boating, adventure racing, and triathlons and marathons.

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2004.