Donald Scifres

Industrial Supervision '80
Managing Partner for Vision Tech Angels

Dedicated to Purdue

The right learning environment can make all the difference in finding that perfect career fit. The atmosphere at Purdue allowed Donald Scifres to explore endless opportunities and pointed him toward a career that advanced his range of interests. As an alumnus, he’s still involved with Purdue as member of the John Purdue Club, President’s Council and a Life Member of the Purdue Alumni Association. Scifres recruits and promotes the careers of interns and graduating seniors and serves on the College of Technology Dean’s Executive Council. That enthusiasm shines through his participation in all aspects of Purdue life.

An Out-of-the-Box Thinker

Thinking outside the box and taking the long view of a problem are characteristics that Scifres sees as a gift. He has visualized the endless possibilities that have helped spark successful careers and businesses. Scifres feels fortunate to have a career he considers a hobby, focused on connecting quality investors to high potential earlystage companies. His time at Purdue laid that foundation “Being a bit of a contrarian thinker who many times sees the world differently than others has allowed me to imagine and pursue outcomes to help people and organizations accomplish more than they may have otherwise thought possible.”

What’s next?

Scifres sees himself as an entrepreneur and teacher. In his successful career as managing partner at VisionTech Angels and general partner of VisionTech Partners, he has connected people with complementary experiences, skills, interests and perspectives who have then been able to accomplish more as a team. “My career focus has shifted in the past several years to identifying, supporting, and investing in early-stage and high-growth technology, life science, medical device, pharma and similar businesses. I expect to continue these endeavors for the foreseeable future while allocating more time to family and not-for-profit endeavors.”