Drew Hopkins

Drew Hopkins Alumni Profile
Electrical Engineering Technology '14
Software developer for General Motors

The college afforded me the opportunity to work on a company sponsored senior design. This unique experience allowed me to work on communication skills, specifically with a customer, as well as real-world, problem-solving skills. My project management experience grew exponentially from managing deadlines and deliverables.

Thanks go to:

First, I would like to thank my parents, who served as great role models; without them, I would not have been here.
Second, there have been many faculty members in EET to thank for their support during my time here. Specifically, I would like to thank Professor Neal Widmer, who taught one of the first courses I took, Concurrent Digital Systems. It was one of my favorite courses, which led me to be a lab assistant the following year. I also attended a study abroad program in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, with Professor Widmer as the sponsor of the group. Also, Tony Oxtoby served as a great mentor throughout my time in the EET program. In addition to taking three of his courses, I also became a lab assistant for the past three semesters.