A college education starts the longest trip you will ever take and with it, you determine where that trip leads you. There couldn't be a better vehicle for that trip than a Purdue University education.
Galen Gareis
Electrical Engineering Technology '83
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Galen Gareis

Electrical Engineering Technology '83
Senior Product Project Engineer for Belden Wire and Cable

Galen Gareis' foundation for a lifelong career in product engineering began with his education at Purdue. From September 1976 through May 1983, he pursued and then earned a BS. in electrical engineering technology.

Since graduation, he has been employed by Belden Wire and Cable, Electronics Division, in Richmond, Indiana. He currently holds a position in the Product Engineering Department as a senior product project engineer.

During his tenure in product engineering, he has been individually and co-awarded over seven patents and has submitted over 18 patent applications and trade secrets, placing him second-highest for patents awarded to a single individual in Belden's 100-year history. In 1992, he was even nominated for Inventor of the Year Award for design of water blocked cable.

Such patents include the area of fiber optics, shielded and unshielded Local Area Network (LAN) premise cables, and audio/sound cables.

Several patents have been instrumental in developing Belden's well-known position as a world leader in computer premise cable products. Advanced product development work covers development of fiber optic, coaxial, twinaxial, and multi-conductor cable.

Gareis has been an active teaching professional in Belden's BCWK (Belden College of Wire Knowledge) for the past 20 years, teaching a range of subject material including shielding, multi-conductor, coaxial, and fiber optic cable technology.

Outside interests include PC computer assembly and repair, home projects, motorcycling, hiking, physical fitness, investing, and technical/scientific reading and research

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2003.