George Mosey

Mechanical Engineering Technology '72
Owner/Corporate Secretary/Treasurer for Mosey Manufacturing Co., Inc.

George N. Mosey believes in "family" values. he has worked with his two brothers since high school in the family production machining business, Mosey Manufacturing Co., Inc. (MMCI), a production machining job shop dealing primarily in high volume production of automotive transmission races and gears. The company is comprised of five production plants that supply OFM transmission and engine components to Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. One additional plant builds machine tools for the five plants.

These machine tools are based on Mosey's three patents: patent #1 is a piercing mill for the production of seamless steel tubing; patent #2 is the centerless saw that cuts tubing into rings; those rings are then run through patent #3, a 4-axis simulation turning and boring CNC lathe. Mosey's steel tubing cutting process has made his company the single largest shipping destination of automotive seamless steel tubing in the U.S.

He is currently corporate secretary and treasurer and owner of MMCI. Explains Mosey, "My duties include plant and equipment procurement, R&D, process development, and long-range strategy and planning."

Mosey Manufacturing employs 400-500 people. In January 2002, the company received the 2001 "Corporation of the Year" award from the Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce.

Mosey has been married to his wife, Jane, for 32 years. They ave three sons, Aaron, Noah, and Adam; two grandsons; and one grand-daughter. An avid snowboarder/skier and rollerblader, he enjoys sharing his interests with young people. Mosey adds, "I love living the country life in rural Indiana, and I'm proud to be a Purdue alumnus."

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2003.