James Clary

Industrial Technology '72
President for Modern Graphics, Inc

The advice and guidance of teachers have long impacted James “Jim” Clary. The first directional guidance he received was in high school from his industrial arts teacher, Don Brunn, who introduced him to printing and photography. It was this influence that led him to industrial education at Purdue University.

Faculty continued to play an important role in Jim’s life once he arrived at Purdue. “I reflect regularly on the group of professors who taught the core curriculum, Drs. Neher, Niemenen, Carroll, Mason, and Suess. I associate positive attributes such as enthusiasm, passion, commitment, and understanding with these men. I enjoyed a close relationship with Dr. Niemenen. He challenged me to work a little harder and set my goals a little higher.”

Setting goals and hard work paid off for Jim. He worked seven years as a teacher for Kokomo Center Township Schools and then pursued his entrepreneurial goal. As president and partner of Modern Graphics, Inc. in Peru, Indiana, Jim has applied his industrial technology degree to the printing industry.

Jim holds a master’s degree from Ball State University and has completed coursework at Indiana University School of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology/Eastman Kodak, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, and National Association of Printing Leadership.

Jim and his wife, Beverly, reside in Peru and have one son, Eric.

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2005.