Jared Parrish

Jared Parrish Alumni Profile
Computer and Information Technology '12
Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) member for GE Aviation

What factors led you to pursue a career in IT?

I grew up in the dot-com bubble and always enjoyed playing with and studying technology. I took my first coding class in high school and decided to pursue the interest in college where I expanded my knowledge set and got involved with tech-based extracurricular activities. A career in IT was a perfect match between career security and doing something I love. ITLP at GE was a great fit.

Did you participate in internships?

Yes, I spent two college summers as an ITLP Intern at GE Aviation. I held roles in supply chain and software requisition and became ingrained into the GE culture.

What advice would you give to current or prospective CIT students?

Get involved with and hold leadership positions in career-relevant extracurricular activities early in your college career. Not only will this set you apart from your peers, but it also will enhance your college experience and help develop a leadership skill set you might not get directly from classes.