Jay Parks

Jay Parks Alumni Profile
Organizational Leadership and Supervision '02
Regional Vice President for Operations for Cenveo, Inc.

Jay Parks serves as the regional vice president for operations at Cenveo, Inc.  Prior to that he worked at Standard Register, for 6 1/2 years, holding positions of increased responsibility. He was recognized, by the company in 2012 with the Excellence in Action Award.

In his current role, Parks leads multiple facilities covering $307 million in revenue and 930 employees.  His key responsibilities are implementing a demand-based planning system to drive maximum efficiencies and service levels, evaluating key talent, maximizing cash flow and taking action to right-size business needs.

Parks describes the key to his success in one word, “mentorship”.  That started during his time at Purdue in Professor Dan Lybrook’s class.   He states, “Professor Lybrook always had a way of getting his message through to you.  He was always approachable and genuinely cared about his students.  His classes were always my favorite and his approach is one that I often mimic in the workplace.”  Other mentors have come along since Parks left Purdue, and he says, “their willingness to pour into me has allowed me to learn from their past and position me for success.”

This profile was written for the Outstanding Technology Alumni Award program in 2015.