My degree gave me the ability to apply my learning so that I could hit the ground running with experience and confidence.
Jeannine Abele
Computer and Information Technology '84
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Jeannine Abele

Computer and Information Technology '84
CIO Supply Chain Division for GE Aviation

What factors led you to pursue a career in IT?

Growing up, I loved math, business and problem solving.  My counselors and mentors suggested pursuing a career in IT that leverages all three.  Plus the job prospects were great J

Did you participate in internships?

Yes I interned two summers at IBM; also did a work/study project at the Tippecanoe School Corporation that led to another summer internship.

Did you participate in Study Abroad?

No but I have worked and travelled globally a lot over the past 30 years; I’d highly recommend doing any study abroad or take advantage of any opportunity for global travel.

What advice would you give to current or prospective CIT students?

Study hard, get involved on campus, get relevant work experience and have fun!