Jon Odom

Industrial Technology '72, Mechanical Engineering Technology '77
President and Owner for Productivity Fabricators Inc.

Jon Odom took his first college courses while working full-time in Richmond. The locally available classes in industrial engineering technology and then in mechanical engineering technology helped his career progress.

His 45-year career started with National Automatic Tool Company, where he worked as a milling machine operator and later with time study and rate setting. After he earned his associate’s degrees, he moved into supervisory roles at Ford Motor Company and again at National Automatic.

Now, as president and owner of Productivity Fabricators Inc., Odom oversees operations of a steel fabrication business that produces outdoor advertising structures. He has led the company since 1994. Continually looking ahead, he is working to build the customer base of his company to further ensure its success.

Odom enjoys fishing, gardening, and volunteering. He is a 30- year board member of the Richmond Salvation Army. In 1998, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce awarded his company the Business Growth Award.

Odom and his wife, Connie, reside in Centerville, Indiana. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

This was originally written for the Distinguished Technology Alumni Awards in 2008.