Keri Wright

Professional Flight '04, Aviation and Aerospace Management '06
President and CEO for Universal Asset Management

Upon graduation, Keri Wright became a project director with Universal Asset Management (UAM) and has quickly climbed the corporate ladder. She now leads UAM as the Owner and Chief Executive Officer. Wright provides vision and strategy for the entire company, troubleshooting operational problems when necessary, and providing investment strategies and financial growth opportunities.

She is no stranger to hard work. After earning her bachelor’s degree in 2004 in professional flight, and while working on her master’s degree, Keri led the effort of hosting the start and terminus of the 2005 Air Race Classic at Purdue. She currently serves as the vice president of the Air Race Classic Board of Directors and sits on the board at Black River Technical College.

Wright received the 2014 Early Career Award from the College of Technology. Award winners were asked to how their degree benefited their career. She answered:

  • “The Purdue name is certainly recognized globally and is respected in nearly every industry. As a student within the Purdue network, I had world of resources at my fingertips and it was just a matter of me reaching out. The resources and support were endless; however, it taught me how to create resources in the work place and get creative, when necessary, to find solutions. My Purdue Technology degree has always been the primary tool in my personal tool box to attack business challenges and decisions daily.”