Michael Dornhecker

Organizational Leadership & Supervision ’84
Senior Director, Plant Operations for Daiichi Sankyo

The people in Michael Dornhecker’s life have made all the difference on his path to success. From his parents who encouraged him and made a college education possible to the uncle who helped him find the College of Technology and stay the course. From the advisor who convinced him that Advanced Metallurgy was a better elective than golf, to his wife and children who share his personal and professional journey and are the driving force behind it. He describes the College of Technology faculty as people who “took a down-to-earth approach in their lectures and labs,” which suited Dornhecker’s learning style.

Dornhecker is leading the charge to create a manufacturing Center of Excellence for Daiichi Sankyo in the United States. He is calling on his nearly 30 years of experience to create new opportunities for all employees, emphasizing the value and importance of manufacturing in this country. His early career experience includes work as a first line supervisor at the Pillsbury Company. His most recent position was vice president of U.S. manufacturing and operations for Solvay Pharmaceuticals. He has been a member of the Northwest Minnesota Manufacturers Association, and he serves as a member of the board of directors for Rowell Laboratories and LakeWood Energy LLC. He is thankful for a career full of gratifying experiences made possible by his education, passion for learning from others, and respect for individual experiences and contributions.