Myles Basso

Computer and Information Technology '09
Software Developer - Upstream Information Technology Division for ExxonMobil

What factors led you to pursue a career in IT?

Ever since my parents bought our first computer, I enjoyed troubleshooting issues, replacing parts and building custom computers. Every six months memory, space, and processors were getting bigger, faster and cheaper. You could literally see technology advancing right in front of your eyes and this is even more true today. This led to high school where I took courses on C++, Cisco Networking and A+ Certification, eventually leading me to Purdue to study computer and information technology.

Did you participate in internships?

Wabash Center, Summer 2007; Lafayette, IN
Wabash Center is a not-for-profit agency that provides education to children with development disabilities and independent living and employment to adults. Assisted two former CIT graduates with a VOIP system install, system administration and computer troubleshooting.

ExxonMobil, Summer 2008; Houston, TX.
World’s largest publicly owned oil and gas company. Finished development and delivered training of an in-house Subsurface Engineering software product.

What advice would you give to current or prospective CIT students?

I quickly found out that the computer and information technology program was unique compared to other schools across the nation. The CIT program provides skills in programming, database, networking, project management and team work (social skills). This breadth of skills allows for agility when choosing one discipline for your future or using a combination of many. It provided me with all the tools needed to succeed at one of the largest companies in the world.