Robert Brinkman

Robert Brinkman Alumni Profile
Computer and Information Technology '90
Principal Consultant – Solution Architect for FICO

What factors led you to pursue a career in IT?
Problem Solving – I have always enjoyed figuring out how to solve problems where others struggled.  CIT was an excellent learning environment for this as it taught us how to take large problems and break them into small problems.  We would solve the small problems and the large problems disappeared.

Did you participate in internships?
I had a job that was part time during the school year and full time during the summer working at Eli Lilly.  I was able to immediately apply hands on what I was learning in class as I was learning it.

What advice would you give to current or prospective CIT students?
Network – Get to know others in your CIT class.  These are the people you will be able to count on throughout your career.   There have been many times where I have sought out CIT graduates to fill a position and several times I have been given opportunities by other CIT graduates.  Always engage and actively manage your networks and you will never be without an exciting, meaningful job.