Sadia Qasim

Sadia Qasim Alumni Profile
Computer Graphics Technology '15
Technical Artist for Deep Silver Volition

The faculty in the college are extremely welcoming. I have always felt at home in Knoy Hall, and they are ALWAYS willing to take time out of their busy schedules to meet with you and help you out on whatever project you may have. My various instructors have always had faith in me and have supported me through all my endeavors. Purdue University has a wonderful reputation, and alumni connections helped me acquire an interview with Volition.

Thanks go to:

Prof. Ray Hassan for being the first person to believe in me and helping me understand Maya
Prof. David Whittinghill for being supportive and helpful and helping me learn and develop programming skills
Every T.A. I have ever had in CGT -- Illia Ziamtsov, Esteban Garcia, Andrew Kennedy, Stephen Garver -- for always allowing me to pester them with questions during office hours
My friends and family who have always had my back for the five years I’ve been a full-time Purdue student.