Tammy Fisher

Computer and Information Technology '84
Product Manager for Noridian Mutual Insurance

A 1984 graduate in computer and information technology, Tammy is product manager with Noridian Mutual Insurance. Fisher is responsible for leading a team to gather and prioritize customer requirements and collaboratively work with engineering, sales, marketing and information technology to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are achieved.

Her projects have included:

  • managing the Health Care Reform Insurance Exchange for the State of Indiana, securing $7.4M in funding.
  • leading a team on international anti-corruption, anti-bribery compliance, developing toolkits and support centers.
  • managing the customer services, procurement and sales staff for a fast food distributor, driving the culture change from a function-based operation to a team-based organization through 130 percent company growth.

Fisher received the 2014 Outstanding Technology Alumni Award from the College of Technology. Award winners were asked to how their degree benefited their career. She answered:

  • “At Purdue, I learned the building blocks of computing and computing technology. I learned how to learn and keep up with technology changes and how to solve problems based on the fundamentals. I still use these learned skills today as I navigate my professional career.”