Terri Watts

Terri Watts Alumni Profile
Building Construction Management '14
Project engineer for McCarthy Building Companies

Purdue is a very reputable school, and the BCM bachelor's degree is an accredited program. The department hosts a career fair that regularly has over 100 construction companies looking for interns and full-time employees. I helped with one of the career fair information sessions for McCarthy, which turned into an internship for me during the summer before my final year. After that experience, McCarthy extended a job offer during my second week of classes.

Thanks go to:

My parents Terry and Kathy Watts. I would not have been able to get through college without their support and help!
Jen Stump for showing me the capabilities I have with the correct motivation.
Dean and Lucille Knudsen. They have helped keep me sane and been there whenever I need them for my five years here at Purdue.
Bonnie Sondergoth for helping me get through a lot of things including a major switch.
Jessica Anderson for all of her support and introducing me into the BCM department.
Danielle Gilbert for helping get the major switch done and always being there to help with any academic questions I had.
Brenda Sheets for all of the things she does for me and the BCM department. 
The whole BCM faculty and staff for everything they do not only for me but every other student in the program.
Cindy Cox for helping me get back in shape and giving me so much support through the past year!
I’m sure I am forgetting some people. I have learned so much and wouldn’t have been able to do it without any of these people.