Thomas Kieffer

Thomas Kieffer Alumni Profile
Professional Flight '15
First Officer for Endeavor Air

Purdue has provided me with amazing experiences to help prepare me for the aviation industry. Over the last year, I have become a better pilot as I have flown as a copilot on our jet flying trips for the university. Our aviation program also has many student organizations and opportunities for networking. As a member of the Purdue flight team, I have been able to learn, compete, and make many connections in the aviation industry.

Thanks go to:

Tim Johnson and Ken Raver, two teachers and Beechjet captains that I flew many university trips with, for teaching me not only flying, but also how to be a professional aviator.
All of the flight instructors at Hangar 6, including Larry Gross, Bernie Wulle, and Mitch Grundman.
My original flight instructor and mentors from my home airport who helped encourage me and gave me opportunities in aviation.
My family for supporting my dream and encouraging me to do my best.