Global/cultural immersions

Purdue Polytechnic offers an enriched perspective through study abroad, international internships, and other global and cultural activities.

The college’s Office of Globalization has been increasing the mechanisms for students to gain enriched perspectives in these areas, including study abroad, global-focused projects and courses, international internships and cultural awareness certifications. All plans of study require a combination of these experiences.

Examples of how Purdue Polytechnic is implementing global/cultural immersions 

On Camera: A Study Abroad Opportunity

Purdue Polytechnic offers study abroad experiences at England's Coventry University. Like Purdue Polytechnic, Coventry shares many similarities such as undergraduate programs in aviation management, engineering technology, and construction management technology.

Purdue, TECSUP partnership highlights cultural similarities

Purdue, TECSUP partnership highlights cultural similarities

International programs have experienced a lot of growth in a year’s time

The importance of international partnerships