Integrated learning-in-context curriculum

Students understand what they are learning and why, and they can apply the knowledge when it is needed.

Many courses are three-credit hour containers with little or no formal or identified connection to other courses being taken at the same time. This framework is ripe for change. The Polytechnic is creating new curricula that integrates interdisciplinary and sub-disciplinary subject matters within single course offerings and/or that deliberately link subject matters across simultaneously offered courses.

Examples of how Purdue Polytechnic is Integrating learning-in-context curriculum

On Camera: Learning in Context

Learning in context happens every day in Construction Materials and Methods, a course held in Knoy Hall's D. Dorsey Moss Construction Lab. Students acquire basic skills in construction methods, quantity estimating, plan reading, and project documentation through hands-on experience assembling construction materials including steel, wood, and concrete.


Faculty in the School of Construction Management Technology embarked on a transformational change to the curriculum, replacing traditional single-subject 3-credit hour courses and integrating discipline-centric subject matters throughout all four years of study while using project-based learning as a foundation. The transformed curriculum is on schedule to be offered to all new students starting fall 2017.