Milestones in the Transformation

Track the progress of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute's transformation.  From the announcement of Purdue Moves to accomplishing enrollment goals in 2017, we will continue to update our milestones as they occur.


The Bechtel Innovation Design Center, a student project facility shared with the College of Engineering, opens to give Polytechnic students state-of-the-art workspace for collaborating, designing, prototyping, and testing.

Total enrollment for the college sets an all-time record of 4,377 at the West Lafayette campus, breaking the previous record set in 2006.

Plans of study for all students in the fall 2017 cohort and beyond include required two-semester senior capstone projects, internships or other workforce-like activities, and globalization and cultural immersions.

The School of Construction Management Technology delivers a fully transformed integrated curriculum to the first-year cohort, replacing legacy 3-credit hour courses with project-based learning activities synchronized across the curriculum and providing students with stronger context for learning.

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Fall 2017

A new faculty-to-student mentorship program is offered to the college’s second-year and third-year students, providing one-on-one professional guidance outside of the classroom.

All six of the college’s academic units reach the target in 5 of the 10 elements of transformation, including learn-by-doing lab activities in more than 90% of the college’s courses.

Spring 2017

The number of new beginner students reaches 750 for the first time in the college’s history, with average ACT scores and GPAs of this cohort likewise reaching the highest level ever.

The Polytechnic Institute and College of Liberal Arts partner to strengthen the integration of technology studies with humanities and social science studies, providing students opportunities to improve critical thinking, creativity, and communications.

Fall 2016

Global Experience opportunities expand and are integrated with all programs, enabling students to immerse in other cultures, languages, social environments and professional settings.

Research expenditures reach $16 million annually, major upgrades to the college’s research facilities begin and graduate student enrollment reaches 550.

Spring 2016

New First-year Technology Experience programs, including integrated curricula and a common core project-based course, begin across all departments.

Senior capstone projects expand college-wide, providing every fourth-year student with an industry-related culminating challenge.

Professional development focused on Polytechnic principles of the transformation is expanded for all faculty and staff.

Fall 2015

The College of Technology is renamed to the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, recognizing the profound changes the ongoing transformation brings to the college’s curricula and culture.

The college receives a $10 million gift to support program development and the Innovation Design Center, a student project building.

New degree programs and majors that strongly align with current and emerging state and global needs (including advanced manufacturing systems, robotics, mechatronics and unmanned aerial systems) are approved.

The college reverses years of declining undergraduate enrollment, enrolling nearly 100 more first-year students than the previous academic year.

Spring 2015

The college’s inaugural Polytechnic program begins, offering integrated curricula, state-of-the-art learning methods and redesigned learning spaces to a cohort of 35 new beginners in the Discovery Learning Research Center.

Industry-sponsored senior capstone initiative expands to 40 projects, providing real-world challenges to more than 100 School of Engineering Technology students.

Polytechnic Faculty Fellows win President’s $500,000 award to create the University’s first competency-based degree.

Fall 2014

The School of Engineering Technology is created, bringing together the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Collaboration begins with Employ-Indy, USA Funds and the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office to form a Purdue Polytechnic-affiliated high school.

Research annual awards exceed $12.4 million, an all-time high for the college.

Spring 2014

President Mitch Daniels announces Purdue Moves, which includes the transformation of the College of Technology and the creation of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

Teams of Polytechnic Faculty Fellows begin to plan and develop the college’s transformed learning experience.

Fall 2013