Senior capstone projects

Real projects with real clients benefit students, companies and communities.

Plans of study with year-long senior capstone projects tackle real-world challenges, requiring students to apply what they have learned to solve problems selected by corporate or community partners. This enhances the learning experience, strengthen corporate and community partnerships, lead to faculty research opportunities, and raise graduate employment opportunities.

Examples of how Purdue Polytechnic is implementing senior capstone projects

On Camera: A Senior Project

Wood-fired grills often need to be tethered to an electric outlet, limiting their portability. For his senior project at our Kokomo location, Bryan Miller designed an innovative thermoelectric grilling system which requires no external power supply.


Significant progress has been made in the last year in adding year-long senior capstone courses to the required plans of study, with approximately 75 percent of the programs now requiring this capstone experience. In 2016, the college expanded the number of staff in the Office of Engagement in order to forge corporate and community partnerships and obtain sponsored senior capstone projects and internship opportunities for all of the college’s academic units. The engagement office successfully launched TechConnect, an onlineportal for students, faculty, and companies to post opportunities related to internships, capstones, competitions, research for undergraduate students and other learning experiences.

Thirty student teams offer solutions to industries

Engineering Technology students tackle industry challenges