Theory-based applied learning

Learning by doing is a powerful, proven approach that drives students to better understand and retain concepts. The college maximizes hands-on applications.

The core of the college’s learning experience has been and will continue to be learn by doing. Faculty start with a study of the theory, and then they apply it substantively and substantially. All course content and instruction methods predominantly reflect this core approach, relying heavily on laboratory activities, in-class applied learning exercises and industry-partnered real-world immersions.

Examples of how Purdue Polytechnic is implementing theory-based applied learning

On Camera: Applied Learning

Students in the School of Engineering Technology learn about a variety of materials commonly used in industry, including polymers, composites, laminates, and nanomaterials. Watch this video to see an actual course session in which student teams worked on several different polymer molding processes, learning by doing in a laboratory setting.