CareerMakers is an industry-led workforce education and training program that is addressing the critical workforce development needs of companies, government and agencies located in the State of Indiana and beyond. 

The CareerMakers goals are 1) to create workforce development programs and learning opportunities that address critical issues related to production and competitiveness 2) to support employers who recognize the current limitations of their workforce by implementing relevant workforce training programs and 3) to develop and implement a state-wide solution to workforce development.

Learn about CareerMakers Programs

Customized Programs

Customize your learning program to align with your organization's needs and blend into your existing training and education programs.


Earn Purdue certificates in the areas of engineering, leadership, human resources, information technology, management, quality and production, and cybersecurity. 

Expert-Led Courses

Learn from Purdue faculty, interact with industry expert instructors, and engage with peers.