PHIL 20700

Ethics For Technology, Engineering, And Design

Credit Hours: 3.00. This course is designed to increase your understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities in national, international, and cross-cultural environments, helping you to anticipate, understand, and navigate issues that will likely arise in your working life as an engineer or designer. The focus of the course is on developing the ability to apply a general ethical framework to new and unique situations, including those arising from the global cultural context of modern engineering. The course covers how this ethical framework should be constituted, and provides practice in applying this a framework to specific, concrete cases. Together, these components work toward your development as a better engineer and a more responsible global citizen. The readings, case studies, and exercises are geared towards the development of a well-researched original case study that you will present to the class, which is informed by your past experiences and future aspirations related to engineering. Typically offered Fall Spring.

This course is offered by the Department of Philosophy