TECH 34000

Prototyping Technology For People

Credit Hours: 3.00. This course builds on the student competencies developed in prerequisite courses. Students will apply rapid prototyping and other fabrication technologies to create the solutions specified in either the TECH 12000 or 22000 courses. Students will learn the safe use and operation of tools and equipment required and apply their understanding of materials selection. Students will consider operations process flow chart planning and logistics of lab management. Prototypes will be tested in real situations and data gathered on performances. Designs will be revised to reflect a deepening understanding of manufacturing and use being sensitive to structure function and behavior from a systems level perspective. Intellectual property, marketing and infrastructure will be discussed. In conjunction with prototypes development, students will learn strategies toward a successful startup and develop a prototype of a business plan and a pitch deck. Typically offered Fall Spring.

This course is offered by the Polytechnic Institute Administration