EDPS 20001

Special Populations Seminar: Focus On Students With Disabilities And Differentiation Approaches

Credit Hours: 1.00.  (EDCI 2001) This seminar is focused on special populations of learners for teacher education majors with an emphasis on exceptional students and approaches to curricular differentiation. Students will engage in mentoring activities and ongoing support in their development as a professional. The goal of the seminar is to connect theory to practice by engaging in an immersive field experience that connects to content and courses taken concurrently. The seminar provides an environment conducive to fostering rich relationships with schools and communities, pursuing common inquiry, thinking critically about theory, content and practice and advocating for equitable schooling. This seminar includes a field experience targeting schools and classrooms including exceptional students. This seminar is intended to be taken concurrently with EDPS 24800 and EDPS 26501. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

This course is offered by the Department of Educational Studies