CNIT 45800

Biomedical Informatics

Credit Hours: 3.00.  This course explores the tools and objectives of research in the medical and life sciences industry relevant to the skills of information technology. The driving outcome of this course is for students to understand the domain demands inherent to information systems in healthcare, bioinformatics and computational life sciences, with respect to their role in commercialism, therapeutic decision support and discovery support systems. Topics include information technology application in support of health care delivery, a brief overview of healthcare delivery, the history of healthcare informatics, an overview of the state of current systems and the professional opportunities in Health Informatics. In bioinformatics, introduce the concepts of genomics and proteomics, biotechnology, biological databases and file structures, common computational methods for exploiting biological databases, integrating computational methods within the life sciences industry, and a survey of successful computational life science applications. 

This course is offered by the Department of Computer and Information Technology