CNIT 38501

Advanced Systems Design And Integration

Credit Hours: 3.00.  A continuation of CNIT 38000 with an emphasis on knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques that systems analysts and architects use to translate functional systems requirements into design specifications that can be subsequently implemented. Students will learn methods for developing specifications that fulfill desired quality properties such as performance, scalability, maintainability, security, privacy, and protection of corporate property, interoperability, and usability, to name a few. Special emphasis is placed on integrating new systems with older systems, as well as with business processes. This course takes a holistic view of design and integration that specifies a complete information technology or information systems solution from the perspectives of different stakeholders, and from different systemic viewpoints and perspectives. Increasingly, the result of design and integration is referred to as a solution's architecture. 

This course is offered by the Department of Computer and Information Technology