CGT 48500

Honors Game Production

Credit Hours: 3.00.  This course provides an opportunity for students to acquire real-world experience working as a game studio producer for one or more student Career Project (capstone) teams. Students may enroll in this course via invitation only. As this is an Honors course, students are expected to bear greater individual responsibility and produce very high quality results. Students should be capable of working with a high degree of autonomy and be prepared to adapt to open-ended problems and deliverables expectations that may shift according to project needs. Student producers will coordinate development efforts and logistics between Career Project teams (CGT 365) and the various Outsourcer courses that the Career Project teams depend upon. Students must function as leaders and accept responsibility for their team's results. This course fulfills the requirement for work experience as defined by the CGT department. Permission of instructor required.  

This course is offered by the Department of Computer Graphics Technology