Course Offerings

AT 54600-Aviation Financial Instruments and Operations

The course concentrates on increasing the understanding of financial expertise in analyzing trading and hedging programs for application in reducing aviation operational risk exposure. The studies include research into the development and use of operational indexes and their possible relation to hedging with commodity and security instruments. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of current operational measurements and correlations to trading and hedging financial instruments in providing improved risk management in operational environments.


AT 54700-Airline Revenue Management

This course aims to provide students with experience in airline revenue management applications. Primarily focusing on the commercial operation of airlines, this course covers various contemporary topics such as the segmentation, inventory control, forecasting, budgeting and pricing. This course will use simulations to enhance the overall learning-teaching experience.


AT 54800-Aircraft Asset Management

This course provides the student with a detailed exploration of aircraft asset management programs in both airlines and business aviation organizations. Students analyze and study the critical components of an asset management program, the financial methods in aircraft asset management, acquisition proposals, and development plans of aircraft acquisitions in this course. An airline industry-relevant project is used to improve student reasoning and application of industry standard aircraft asset management analysis procedures to include forecasting techniques, present value calculations, and benefit-cost analyses. This course serves as the foundational knowledge required for AT 54900.


AT 54900-Aircraft Leasing

This course provides students with training and experience managing aircraft leases using financial and risk management methodologies specific to the airline and business aviation industries. Students conduct financial evaluations of leasing versus ownership programs of airlines, as well as analyze debt, equity and capital markets for aircraft financing. The course includes an examination of taxation issues related to aircraft leasing, maintenance reserves, and auditing of aircraft financial performance. The prerequisite for this course is AT 54800.