Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

For students who enter Purdue in Fall 2012 and later and enroll in Electrical Engineering Technology, it is possible to apply credit earned through Project Lead the Way courses taken in high school.

For more information on transferring credit, see the Project Lead the Way College Credit Web page.

Students in Electrical Engineering Technology can apply the credit in the following way to the EET Plan of Study:


PLTW Course Title Purdue Course Title Applied to EET Plan of Study
PLTW Digital Electronics IT 10600 Digital Electronics ECET 12000 Gateway to EET
PLTW Biotechnical Engineering IT 10100 Biotechnical Studies Technical or Free Elective
PLTW Aerospace Engineering IT 10200 Aerospace Studies Technical or Free Elective
PLTW Civil Engr. and Arch. IT 10300 Exploring CE & Arch. Technical or Free Elective
PLTW Intro. to Engr. Design IT 10500 Intro. to Engr. Design Technical or Free Elective
PLTW Principles of Engineering IT 10700 Principles of Engineering Technical or Free Elective
PLTW Comp. Integrated Manuf. IT 10800 Comp. Integrated Manuf. Technical or Free Elective


1. All IT courses listed (IT 10100, IT 10200 , IT 10300, IT 10500, IT 10600, IT 10700 and IT 10800) are 3 credit hours.

2. On the EET Plan of Study, no more than six credit hours of Technical Elective can come from one department (such as IT).

3. The maximum number of credit hours that a student would be able to apply toward the EET Plan of Study is 12: ECET 12000, two Technical Electives and one Free Elective.