Experience Studios

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Experiential learning supports students in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems or situations.  In the User Experience Design (UXD) major, we utilize industry engagement projects within our Experience Studios to facilitate this "learn by doing" pedagogy. 

What are the UXD Experience Studios?

The HCDD Experience Studios provide a culture of engagement between students, faculty, and industry.  This knowledge exchange prepares students with the skills to succeed in today's quickly evolving technology field.


Students work in teams on real-world projects to solve design problems. 

The studios utilize a knowledge exchange industry engagement model.  This provides the students with the up-to-date skills they need to succeed in the quickly evolving technology workforce.



What are the benefits for Industry Partners?

  • Greater loyalty among students and enhancement of company brand.
  • Ability to identify and recruit potential student interns and graduate employees.
  • Professional development for staff through student engagement.
  • Development of student skill set required in your company.
  • Access to university resources and collaboration with university researchers.
  • Access to cross-disciplinary student teams.
  • Reduced cost of outsourcing for new development projects and internal overflow work
  • Ownership of final project deliverables.

Companies can find out about more about getting involved with the UXD Experience Studios on the EXPERIENCE STUDIO Website.

What are the benefits for UXD students?

  • Graduate with at least 3 1/2 years of industry experience.
  • Improved learning and retention while working on real world projects.
  • Increased intrinsic motivation due to relevance of projects.
  • Learn a more accurate understanding of industry job requirements.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the UXD major and profession.
  • Create relationships and networks with peers and professionals within the industry.


Students can find out more about the UXD major at Purdue Polytechnic Institute by filling out the REQUEST MORE DEGREE INFORMATION form.


There are seven Experience Studios for a total of 15 credit hours. Three credits of CGT 372-07 may be substituted for a credit-bearing internship. As of Spring 2020, we offer a graduate Experience Studio course that can be taken for up to 6 credit hours.

  1. Freshman: CGT 172-07
  2. Sophomore: CGT 272-07 (6 credits)
  3. Junior: CGT 372-07 (6 credits)
  4. Grad:  CGT 572-00


Experience Studio 1 (CGT 172-07, Spring only)

Students will learn human centered design principles, techniques and processes from faculty, upperclassmen, and industry mentors in an "intern" role. An introductory level experience studio format where the students will learn the courses expectations for working on corporate projects. They will learn the fundamental components of the human-centered design process and project management skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate skills necessary for effective personal development, teamwork, and collaboration.
  2. Understand a basic UX design process methodology based on the project brief and expected deliverables.
  3. Contribute to design research techniques used to create a clear understanding of project stakeholders, market and platform.
  4. Participate in a design thinking process to ideate, refine, and discriminate the concept direction by creating task flows, wireframes and low fidelity prototype.
  5. Understand how to develop an visually pleasing and usable UI style guide based on design principles, design trends, and app/web goals.
  6. Use a Lean UX iterative design process to conduct basic usability testing with low fidelity prototypes.

Experience Studio 2 (CGT 272-07, Fall and Spring (6cr))

Students will utilize human centered design principles, techniques and processes. This is an intermediate level experience studio that requires the students to become active members of the team and contribute heavily to the project deliverables. They will champion parts of the project plan and take ownership of its success through shared resources and feedback from team members, leads, sponsors, and/or faculty.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand organizational structure and participate in planning a project strategy.
  2. Demonstrate application of UX design process based on the project brief.
  3. Use design research techniques to create a clear understanding of project stakeholders, market and platform.
  4. Explain how the design thinking process is used.
  5. Develop a visually pleasing and usable UI design.
  6. Implement a Lean UX iterative design process to conduct usability testing with prototypes.

Experience Studio 3 (CGT 372-07, Fall and Spring (6cr))

Students are expected to mentor the underclassmen about the components of the human centered design process, the methods of project management, and be responsible for the execution of the project deliverables. This is an advanced experience studio that requires the students to be responsible for day to day delivery of completed project tasks. They will do this by providing leadership towards the assignment and delivery of the project plan. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Execute a project strategy with tasks and deliverables based on project goals and team dynamics.
  2. Use advanced design research techniques and analyze the information.
  3. Lead the design thinking process with your team to innovate beyond the requirements.
  4. Execute a usable and pleasurable UI design.
  5. Implement a Lean UX iterative design process to conduct usability testing and evaluation with prototypes.
  6. Execute a deployment plan for final development and release of product deliverable.

Great! Where can I learn more about this major?

You can follow Purdue_UX on Twitter, connect with the CGT department on Facebook and contact us anytime!