Able Flight, Purdue train six new pilots with disabilities

Six Able Flight scholarship winners who trained at Purdue University this summer have passed their check rides and are now licensed pilots. They will be honored at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis., next week. This was Able Flight’s largest class to date in the third year of the joint training program with Purdue’s Department of Aviation Technology, and that meant more instructors and more planes were required. Instructors were Derek Stewart, Justin Lowe, Edwin Richardson, Garret Goodwin, Boaz Allyn-Feuer and George Schnur. The students learned to fly in two adapted Sky Arrow 600 LSAs and a FK 9.

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Watch a video of one of the Able Flight pilots, Wesley Major, take his first solo flight at the Purdue Airport (he captured some great aerial views of campus, too!).