Anderson OLS students to assist local Impact Center

As part of a new partnership, students from Purdue University College of Technology at Anderson will help the Anderson Impact Center (AIC) develop its technology workshops and connections between employers and AIC clients.

Students enrolled in Organizational Leadership and Supervision 46700 (Service Learning) will help develop and deliver basic computer and technology workshops for AIC. They hope to make AIC’s clients more comfortable with technology and also more competitive in the job market.

The first workshops should be available in March.

In addition, the students will develop a database of AIC clients and area employers to assist both in making connections.

Purdue student Brett Leach, who grew up in Anderson, is one of the project’s team members.

“I look forward to the Impact Center project because I’m using the technology and project management skills I learned in class,” he said. “I love learning about their needs and finding solutions. Plus, I am an old Robinson Elementary student and enjoy coming back to my old school and serving my neighborhood.”

The Impact Center has also announced it will set up a scholarship fund at the College of Technology at Anderson to support the Organizational Leadership and Supervision program. The resulting scholarships will support students who are interested in working with non-profit, community-based organizations that focus on enhancing individuals’ career and educational attainment.

“I believe that this is just the start of a great movement in how we deliver our respective services to the community,” said Sherry Peak-Davis, director of the Anderson Impact Center.

The Purdue College of Technology at Anderson focuses on offering educational opportunities to both traditional college students and area businesses and their employees. It offers degrees in three Purdue programs: engineering technology, industrial technology, and organizational leadership and supervision.