Astheimer discusses model-based definition with PTC

Rosemary Astheimer, continuing lecturer in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology, provided a preview to her LiveWorx 2016 presentation "Do You Have Smart Connected Model-Based Design (MBD)" on a recent PTC CAD-Software blog.

Inspired by the unconventional use of data in the series of Freakonomics books, Astheimer wondered what would happen if the engineering community started thinking about MBD data differently, too. “What if we figured out a way to filter that digital metrology data to tease out valuable information that could be passed back to engineering so there were fewer rejected parts  or to purchasing to make better informed purchasing and partnership decisions?” asks Astheimer. 

Read the full blog post to find out more about her theories and Liveworx 2016 presentation.


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Rosemary Astheimer, Continuing Lecturer in the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University, will be speaking at LiveWorx 2016 in Boston June 6-9.