Bartholomew presented with STEM Champion Award

Scott Bartholomew, right, receives the Mike Neden STEM Champion Award

Scott R. Bartholomew, assistant professor in Purdue Polytechnic’s engineering-technology teacher education program, was awarded the Mike Neden STEM Champion Award by the International STEM Education Association (ISEA) at the group’s annual conference in Branson, Missouri, on October 9, 2018. The award, which serves as a standard of excellence for individuals who promote integrated STEM education, honors teachers and – as in Bartholomew’s case – teacher educators who provide professional development and encouragement to others, and who are instrumental in supporting integrated STEM education in their school and/or community.

“Prof. Bartholomew is a true STEM champion who has enthusiastically promoted K-12 STEM education throughout his career,” said Vinson Carter, chair of the ISEA. “He has a strong reputation for developing new and innovative STEM curriculum and learning tools, and he is known for his willingness to share his work with others, both nationally and internationally. His passion for STEM teacher education is evident in his active research agenda, revolving around best practices for STEM education. Prof. Bartholomew’s research efforts have yielded impressive results not only in peer-reviewed publications, but also in grant funding to support integrated STEM education in open-ended, design-based instruction in K-12 education.”