BCM 100 students offer designs to transform building

Students in the BCM 100 (Introduction to Construction) have been asked to contribute ideas to transform a metal-free span building into office space.

The task is part of a  service-learning project with the Dubois County 4-H extension agents in Jasper, Ind. Student teams were asked to develop design ideas that could be presented to the owner. The current space is a metal building that had been used for the storage of a bookmobile and books. The county now has four libraries, and they no longer need the bookmobile. They have allowed the extension agents to make use of it.

Each student team includes someone with good computer and AutoCAD skills, work experience, an interest in sustainable products and an interest in the design process.

The teams developed a 3D models of their designs, turned in meeting minutes to document their process and suggestions for sustainable or green materials for the project. The photo is an example of one of  the student ideas. All projects were sent to the owner in Dubois County for review and plans are still under development for the space.