BCM adds second Ms. Fix-it Badge opportunity

Women In Construction Management (WICM) is very active in community service, networking within the industry and providing social outlets to its members. WICM’s community outreach event is Girl Scout Day. The event, usually hosted in the fall, attracts approximately 100 central Indiana Girl Scouts to Purdue and the Building Construction Management Construction Lab to earn their Ms. Fix-It Badge. They must complete eight activities to earn it.

One of the activities is called “The Dirt Dance.” It is an interactive way to be introduced to the soils lab. The scouts also learn how to use a crane. They are asked to land a trash can inside a hula hoop using only hand signals and working in teams.

This spring, WICM is adding a second Girl Scout Day for an older group of girl scouts. It is very fun and rewarding teaching the girl scouts about construction with the corporate support of Anning Johnson. Additional support for Girl Scout Day comes from the sale of hard hats. Funds from this activity also help support a trap and skeet outing with the faculty and dinner with the industry.  The group has also supported BCMentors since its inception by attending study tables and working with their community service activities.

For more information, follow Purdue’s Women in Construction Management on Facebook or email president Hilary Kaub.